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Anemia prevalence in Acute Renal failure in Men

Onuoha and his colleague published an article in the American Journal of Biochemistry and Molecular Biology, investigating a positive correlation between anemia and acute renal failure among the Nigerians based on gender discrimination.

Acute renal failure is a condition in which the kidney fails to eliminate poisonous and waste products from blood due to decreased glomerulus filtration rate. Surgeons use a diagnostic yardstick to assess the Blood Urea Nitrogen (BUN) levels or the creatinine level to determine the kidney’s functional condition.

One of the common encounters for ARF patients is reduced renal erythropoietin output, anemia. World health organization defines anemia differently with respect to gender, reporting the hematocrit value to be less than 39% (13 g dLG -1 ) for men whereas less than 36% for females (12 g dLG-1). The reason sought for anemia is renal hypoxia and oxidative stress that raises the patient’s vulnerability to renal insults.

The research team discovered “ advanced  age,  male  gender,  African,  American ethnicity, anemia, and  diabetes  mellitus are the main risk factors associated with the kidney’s deteriorating conditions.” Thus, clinicians classified acute renal failure based on kidney injury, namely:  pre-renal,  intrinsic, and post-renal to easily correlate the associated symptoms, treatment plan, and complications.

The corresponding author showed that the difference in hormone and body size plays an important role in influencing the hematocrit value in kidney function. The study revealed that traditionally testosterone was advocated as a mode of treatment. Concurring with previous findings, the testosterone’s reduced levels in males showed a correlation with a high risk of anemia compared to the females.

Nevertheless, Onuoha reported, “comparatively to previous studies, in recent times, many anemic patients have subclinical kidney disease, which predisposes to renal failure due to postponing of the symptomatic assessment and treatment.”

Source Story
Onuoha, E.C., E.M. Ike, B.O. Eledo, F.E. Hallie, T.A. Diepreye, O.A. Adaka, L.A. Osuji, F.K. Edeh and N. Nelson-Ebimie, 2020. Evaluation of Anemia among Men and Women with Acute Renal Disease in Jos, Plateau State, Nigeria. American Journal of Biochemistry and Molecular Biology, 10: 51-55.

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